Repair Your Auto Glass Chips ASAP

Auto glass, especially the front windshield on your car, can pick up small scratches and rock chips from everyday driving. The problems are often more severe for people who are constantly driving on dirt roads or near construction sites. These chips can often be so small that you don't even see them at first. But, a crack can start to grow and splinter off, and it could even get to the point that it goes through the entire thickness of the glass. Obviously, this is when it becomes a real problem and a definite safety issue that needs to be solved immediately.

Usually, you're going to save yourself a lot of money and time if you can repair the rock chips and seal the glass surface before the crack gets any bigger. This article explains how you can fix small auto glass rock chips, saving yourself money and a trip to the auto glass shop.

Using Glass Repair Kits

For about $10 you can buy a simple glass repair kit. These kits are cheap but very effective for chips and cracks that are less than 2" in diameter and that don't go through to the other side of the glass. The kits include the repair compound, a special plunger, a pedestal for mounting the plunger, and a curing strip. Some might also include some other accessories like a cleaning wipe or razor blade. One of the most important things in the kit is the instructions. The instructions are easy to follow and explain how to use each tool in the kit.

In general, the process is similar, even if kits can be a little different from each other. You need to start with a clean and dry piece of glass. The pedestal is a suction that you put right onto the chip. Then the nozzle of the compound plunger goes into the pedestal hole. When you squeeze the compound into this hole, it fills in the crack without protruding. So, when the compound dries, with will be perfectly flat and flush with the outer layer of glass. There won't be any bumps that obscure the glass or ruin the smooth motion of the windshield wipers.

You might be surprised how simple it is to repair small auto glass cracks. Once you have repaired a few small chips, you will get the hang of it and be able to make repairs without having to consult the instruction. For more information, contact your local auto glass repair service.