4 Common Repairs Auto Body Shops Engage In

When your vehicle suffers body damage, your local auto body shop is where you want to go. Auto body shops do a large variety of repairs; however, there are some repairs that are more common than others. Four of the most common repairs done in auto body shops include paintless dent removal, painting, window replacement, and frame straightening.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is one of the most popular techniques for removing a dent from the body of a vehicle. This strategy is popular because it allows the panel to be fixed without having to be repainted, which not only adds to the cost of fixing up the damaged body panel but also increases the time it will take to fix your vehicle. That is why many auto body shops will try to do paintless dent removal instead of regular dent removal when possible.

Auto Body Painting

Often, when replacing a damaged section of the body of a vehicle, the new body part will need to be repainted. Or, if paintless dent repair doesn't work and another dent repair method has to be used, repainting is generally necessary. Sometimes, people just like to repaint their vehicle because they want to improve the look of the paint job. Auto body painting is one of the most common tasks performed at auto body shops.

Window Replacement

Windows and mirrors often sustain damage in accidents, which is why auto body shops are equipped to replace not only your windshield but also any other window on your vehicle that could get damaged. They can also replace your side and rearview mirrors as well. Auto body shops are experts at putting your entire vehicle back together.

Frame Straightening

When your vehicle gets into an accident, often the frame of the vehicle suffers significant damage in an accident. It can be hard to see the damage to the frame. Auto body shops use a frame straightener to measure the frame and then use force to pull the frame back into shape. You need the frame to be straight for all the mechanical components to work as they should.

Auto body shops do a variety of work fixing up damaged vehicles. Some of the most common work they do includes paintless dent repair, auto body painting, window replacement, and frame straightening. This is just an overview of the car body repair services that can be done for you.