The Different Types Of Luster To Choose Between When Getting Your Vehicle Wrapped For Business

When you get your vehicle wrapped, you not only get to choose what colors or images are on the vehicle, you also get to choose the luster of the wrap as well. With any wrap you choose to put on your vehicle, you need to decide if you want the wrap to have a gloss, metallic, satin, or matte finish to it. The finish will impact the overall look of the wrap, so you need to choose the finish carefully.  

Choice #1: Gloss Wrap 

A glass wrap will give your vehicle a modern and sleek look. Gloss vehicle wraps mimic the type of finish found on many vehicles. If you want the wrap to have a realistic look, a gloss wrap is a great choice. Gloss wraps also reflect light. Traditionally, gloss paint is often used on higher-end vehicles.  

Choice #2: Metallic Wrap 

A metallic wrap is designed to give your vehicle a look more similar to the surface of metal. They are reflective the way that metal is when it is hit by sunlight. It is important to note that metallic wraps come in all sorts of different types of colors, not just "metal" colors such as silver or gold. The shiny, reflective surface can be created using a wide variety of different colors. 

If your business is about making a statement, a metallic wrap can be a great choice for your custom wrap. It will definitely attract attention.  

Choice #3: Satin Wrap 

Satin wraps are the perfect in-between wrap. Satin wraps are seen as a compromise between a metallic and matte wrap. They are not as reflective as a metallic wrap, nor are they as flat as a matte wrap. They exist somewhere in between and therefore are a really popular vehicle wrap luster style. If you are having custom images put on your vehicle wrap to advertise your business, a satin wrap can be a great choice. A satin wrap will allow you to have a little shine without going overboard, which is great when you are representing a professional business. 

Choice #4: Matte Wrap 

Matte wraps have more of a flat surface as the wraps are not designed to reflect a lot of light. Even though they don't reflect a lot of light, they still make a big statement. Matte wraps can often have a luxurious wrap. 

If you are getting a vehicle wrap for business purposes, and you sell a luxury or high-end product or service, a matte wrap can be the right style for your custom wrap.  

Try to match the luster of your vehicle wraps to your style of business. If your business is flashy, go for a metallic finish. If your business is more professional, go for a satin wrap. If you run a high-end business, choose a matte wrap.