Using Yacht Wraps To Refresh Your Boat’s Look

Yacht maintenance can be time-consuming and costly, which could leave you with less time and budget to customize and enjoy your boat. Instead of setting aside a budget for one boating season for maintenance and the next for cosmetics, you can jump into an affordable option that you can update regularly with boat wraps.

What is a boat wrap?

Painting your yacht is a fantastic way to update the style of your boat, but can take time and can cost an arm and a leg (or an oar and an anchor). Yacht wraps, or boat wraps, are large vinyl decals that you can use to add some flair to your boat or update the entire siding and every surface of your boat. 

Boat wraps work similarly to how you apply a phone screen cover: peel and apply. A team will work with your boat's specs, build the design to fit your ship, and then install your custom wrap to your boat; clean the boat, apply the wrap to your specified area, and remove any air bubbles and make any precise adjustments.

Why should you try a boat wrap?

  • Add the name of your boat along the side, back, or front. What better way to introduce yourself and your boat than with lettering for all to see?
  • Add your favorite brands and logos to show your fandom. Want to make your yacht look like a powerboat? Add prominent logos along the side!
  • Try out new colors. Want to swap out the whole boat's color or just try accents of it? Wraps help you try our colors without having to pay for the paint job.
  • Protect your boat from UV exposure. While getting out in the sun is great, sunlight can cause damage over time to your boat's exterior.

What's the cost to wrap your ship?

All of these options are available at a reasonable cost, too. That cost also comes with the fact that it's a shorter job than what a boat painter will quote you, so you'll spend less money on your boat's new look and less time off of the water conquering waves.

How long can you keep your yacht wrap?

While different experts have given estimates anywhere from 3–5 years for a boat wrap lifespan, you can extend your ship's wrap's lifespan with slight maintenance to ensure any tears, air bubbles, or similar small issues are resolved. 

How should you get started on refreshing your boat's look?

Ask around the dock if other crews have a favorite vinyl installer; there's no better vetting process for a contractor than a referral. Once you find your installer, there are many vinyl production sites online that sell pre-made kits and designs and even let you upload your own! Then, get your vinyl installed, and take your brand new boat for a spin to strut its new look.