3 Collision Repair Signs to Watch Out for When Collision Damages Look Minor

Every collision does not result in obvious signs of damage. Some collisions are single-car incidents. Both of these circumstances can cause some drivers to underestimate the damage to their vehicles. This can lead to unsafe driving and more damage to a vehicle. The best way to know the extent of damages after a collision is to get a collision repair shop to perform an inspection. Many hidden damages can exist, and drivers might erroneously assume that the damages are minor. 

You can expect a few telltale signs that collision damage exists even if the auto body damage appears to be minimal. The following points are a few things that you might notice if you are in a collision that requires repairs.

Fluid Leaks

These can be indicative of a damaged mechanical part of a vehicle. You should treat all leaks as serious even if your car has leak issues before a collision. Fluid leaks can result in damage to critical and expensive parts of a vehicle such as the motor and transmission. There are also risks of parts overheating and getting damaged if there is a coolant leak. Always observe for fluid leaks if you plan to drive your vehicle from an accident scene. Do not attempt to drive a vehicle that is leaking fluids. It needs to get towed to a collision repair shop for safety reasons and to improve the chances of a successful repair.

Strange Operating Patterns

A vehicle that is properly aligned should operate in a straight driving pattern. Collision damage can negatively impact the pattern. You might notice that your vehicle shifts to the side when you drive it. Even if the issue is not severe, it can get worse over time. There is also a likelihood that you will experience uneven tire wear and not get the full lifespan of your tires. Sometimes the operational issue is more serious than an alignment can correct. The collision repair service will identify which part is causing the issue. It is often due to damage to a portion of the steering system. 

Peculiar Noises

You would likely be correct to assume that unfamiliar noises your vehicle makes after a collision are related to the incident. However, you should not dismiss the noises as being a normal outcome of the incident and nothing to be concerned about. The noises might sound like clanking or scraping and could be indicative of body or mechanical issues. Common damage to an auto body that is not identifiable to untrained individuals is frame damage in the undercarriage area of a vehicle.

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