Preventing Rust Development On Your New Car Or Truck

Buying a new car or truck is a significant investment, and preventing rust and damage to the car or truck is vital to keep the vehicle's value intact. There are some things you may want to consider to help reduce rust formation on the body and frame of the vehicle over time.

Rust Preventative

When you buy a new vehicle, you may consider having a professional rust prevention service apply a rust preventative or undercoating to the vehicle. If it is done when the car is new, the rust preventative will bond with the frame and sheet metal under the car to stop salt, water, and other materials from affecting the metal and causing rust. 

It is essential that the rust preventative is applied prior to the first winter, and it is best to have it done before the car leaves the dealership or immediately after. The vehicle needs to be clean and dry, have no oil or fuel leaks, and be prepared correctly to ensure the rust preventative bonds to the metal.

There are several large rust preventative providers that specialize in applying the material to the underside of the vehicle for you, and many of these companies provide a warranty against rust after the coating is applied. Check with the rust preventative service in your area to see what treating your car involves and what the warranty covers. 

Washing Your Vehicle

Even after having a rust preventative applied to the vehicle, one of the best ways to reduce rust on your car or truck is to keep it clean. During the winter months, when there is salt on the roads to reduce snow and ice build-up, you need to take your car to a car wash that offers under-chassis washes to get the salt, sand, and other materials off the frame and underside of the vehicle. 

If you keep up with cleaning and remove the salt, you can extend the life of the car or truck and help reduce the likelihood of rust forming on it. If you are not confident that the car wash is removing the materials under the car, you can have a professional detail shop wash and clean the vehicle for you. 

A detail shop typically hand washes the vehicle and will pay close attention to the entire vehicle. You can also have the interior cleaned to ensure you protect the carpet and fabric throughout the year. 

If you choose to wash the vehicle yourself, pay close attention to the frame and areas underneath that can trap salt and sand. These areas may be hard to see, but if the debris remains, they can begin to rust from the inside out and cause severe damage to the car's body and frame.

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