Have A Sizable Windshield Crack? 4 Reasons To Replace It Right Away

Keeping your vehicle in excellent condition can sometimes be challenging. Investing in routine upkeep and defensive driving can keep most problems from occurring. But all it takes is unfortunate luck to experience a situation where your windshield gets noticeably cracked.

You may continue driving the car when it happens because you need it to get to several places. These might include your commute and picking up your children from school. However, a smart decision is to take care of the crack right away and avoid future issues by replacing the glass with professional help.


A windshield crack may begin enlarging shortly after occurring, or it may take a long time. Moisture and freezing temperatures can increase pressure between the glass, which may cause the crack to get larger. Direct sunlight exposure also has the potential to enlarge the crack.

While you can park in a garage or carport to protect your vehicle and windshield from the elements, your car will be exposed while driving. The easiest and most reliable solution is to replace the windshield because this will get rid of the crack and enlarging potential.


Another matter to consider is the legality of a cracked windshield. There are both federal and state laws that you can find that will determine the legality of your particular crack. Federal regulation does not allow cracks larger than three-quarters of an inch. Some states may have stricter regulations, and you can avoid worrying about them with replacement.

Getting a new windshield will keep you from getting a fix-it ticket. You can ask an auto glass company about federal and state laws to determine the legality of your crack.


A major concern with any crack on your windshield is visibility. Some drivers may not experience issues when a crack is on the far end of the passenger side. However, you might have a crack on the driver's side or somewhere in the middle of the windshield. Both of these areas will affect visibility in some way, which can make it more difficult to drive safely.

When you combine a crack with fog, rain, snow, or blinding sunlight, you may not feel confident driving on the road.


While a small crack may not affect insulation much, you might find that a larger crack allows hot or cold air to seep through more easily. You may need to compensate for the lack of insulation by running the air conditioning or heating more to stay comfortable in the vehicle.

When you have a large windshield crack, you can avoid problems and solve issues with immediate windshield replacement. Contact a glass replacement service near you to learn more.