The Different Types Of Luster To Choose Between When Getting Your Vehicle Wrapped For Business

When you get your vehicle wrapped, you not only get to choose what colors or images are on the vehicle, you also get to choose the luster of the wrap as well. With any wrap you choose to put on your vehicle, you need to decide if you want the wrap to have a gloss, metallic, satin, or matte finish to it. The finish will impact the overall look of the wrap, so you need to choose the finish carefully. Read More 

4 Common Repairs Auto Body Shops Engage In

When your vehicle suffers body damage, your local auto body shop is where you want to go. Auto body shops do a large variety of repairs; however, there are some repairs that are more common than others. Four of the most common repairs done in auto body shops include paintless dent removal, painting, window replacement, and frame straightening. Paintless Dent Removal Paintless dent removal is one of the most popular techniques for removing a dent from the body of a vehicle. Read More 

Auto Collisions and Your Doors: How Repairs Are Managed in A Shop

You have just been through a traumatic accident. Now your vehicle is in the shop, and the damage needs to be fixed if you are going to drive the vehicle again. An auto body collision involving your doors may be minor, medium, or major when it comes to damage. See how an auto body shop approaches each level of damage and fixes it. Minor (Dents, Window Cracks) Minor damage to the car door is typically a quick fix. Read More